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Apr 21


thinking of you kira

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Apr 20




they were my first homosexual ship 

I mean

I shipped kim and ron


Kim <3 Ron
Kin <3< Shego

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ART: 19-Year-Old Sleep Paralysis Victim Recreates His Visions in Stunning Surreal Photographs

Conceptual photographer Nicolas Bruno has suffered from sleep paralysis since he was 15.

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  • white people on tumblr: *reblogs creepshots of asian girls, creates memes about strict asian parents, ignores dark skin asian girls, labels asian girls as exotic and submissive*
  • asian girls: we aren't exotic mail-order brides who always get an A on a math test. stop perpetuating stereotypes that homogenize the ethnic/cultural diversity in our communities
  • white girls:
  • white people on tumblr: *reblogs a million sassy black woman gifs, makes posts about black girls being too loud, makes poor black women into memes and makes fake twitter accounts for them*
  • black girls: we can't breath without being turned into a joke, why can't we be respected? stop perpetuating the stereotype that we're one dimensional characters instead of complex human beings, we don't exist to be your entertainment
  • white girls:
  • white people on tumblr: *glues craft store feather on a headband, reblogs sexy cherokee princess costumes, jokes about scalping people *
  • indigenous girls: can you stop perpetuating the idea that we're hypersexualized savages? we've been fighting our whole lives to practice our culture and you think it's ok to make a costume out of it? indigenous girls have extremely high rates of being victims of sexual assault, that's not something to joke about
  • white girls:
  • girls of color on tumblr: *makes one joke about white girls and starbucks*
  • white girls: why are you being so misogynistic? all of you hate women, if i replaced white with black or asian i would be called a racist


“Stargazing in the Streets”
-…See that brighter star on the Little Bear? That’s the North Star.-Yes, and you are my Great Teddy Bear.-Hahaha! and you are my little star!
I hope you like it!  :P


Stargazing in the Streets

-…See that brighter star on the Little Bear? That’s the North Star.
-Yes, and you are my Great Teddy Bear.
-Hahaha! and you are my little star!

I hope you like it!  :P

the best part about army is the absolute soul crushing despair i feel about having another 12 weeks of my basic training to go through :) :) :)


dark lighting aaahhhhhha… ha ;;A;; 


dark lighting aaahhhhhha… ha ;;A;; 

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Apr 19

I just hope I’m right

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RTD subverted the idea of the Doctor as God, not supported it.

The imagery of the Doctor as an all powerful deity is constantly juxtaposed with him being unable to prevent death despite his most desperate efforts. Astrid’s resurrection is impossible and the notion of choosing who should die deemed monstrous, and the Master rejects the Doctor’s salvation to spite him. When he does eventually snap and and become the Time Lord Victorious, he is undermined by the actions of the very woman he saved.

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